Tomorrow's cabinet meeting will decide on the lockdown

Tomorrow’s cabinet meeting will decide on the lockdown

Tomorrow’s cabinet meeting will decide on the lockdown meeting on Sunday will decide whether to prolong the ongoing lockdown for coronavirus prevention and control or consider other alternatives. During Chaitra 11, 2076 B.S they have run to make a lockdown in Nepal. Then it will make it open into Nepal country. All of the teams were will be discuss it good to share with them.

There is one month will be complete but the government will be able to check as a personal way to check into own home side. They have a handle on those who ask a question into apps of government COVID-19. During this government of Nepal were slow to make this happen into us. A minister informed that a meeting of the Council of Ministers has been convened tomorrow to take a decision as per the suggestions given by the committee.

I hope teams of the minister will be good news to share with lockdown to open in the limit way of terms and condition of social distant to share give suggestion to people. People want to against on roadside while didn’t eat food to earn daily money on life. It really affects our nation as well as international people also too.

Now we have to do it in tomorrow’s meeting who is holding this meeting. We don’t have to do Lockdown for a long time now. Otherwise, we will be in dire straits and will need money. And that’s what the government has to do about it. We have to do the same, otherwise, the government will be in trouble.

All of us Nepali’s have been affected by Lockdown, but this is what the government is trying to do. The work done by the government is good but even the people who earn their living by the day have become poor and have to take care of their families. That should be seen. Now, if you want to be good at tomorrow’s meeting, you have to wish that Lockdown should be open.

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