Kanha National Park place to visit India

Kanha National Park place to visit India

Kanha National Park place to visit India is one of the tiger reserves of India and the largest national park of Madhya Pradesh, India. Its area is covered by 940 km². It was established in 1933. It was created 1933 (as Wildlife Sanctuary); National Park in 1955; Tiger Reserve in 1974. Tigers, jackals and wild pigs can be spotted in Kanha Meadows.

This one of the popular places of a national part in India places to visit it there. Now it has been close due to coronavirus happen into India place. This is also world heritage conservation in this park. Since a long year ago it has been establishing this park. Still, now people were going to visit. There is a different type of animal were lives in the forest area. People going on a jeep to see a real one to take a photo also.

Some of the mentioned videos also are able to watch on Youtube channel which the organization teams have a share. Even I search under this park to check details to see. It is famous with Indian wild dog, Barasingha or swamp deer and also a tiger reserve. There is terms and condition under while you visit to enter into the national park. The ticket was available on the main gate to buy to enter pass enter in park.

Still, teams have been checking up that animal daily per day to see it. It surrounds with a line which animal cannot go to another forest. Under location forest, they have to walk here and there. Don’t point out your finger while to hand goes to touch it will be dangerous for you.

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