Earthquake Alert Today Pokhara

Earthquake Alert Today Pokhara

Earthquake Alert Today Pokhara which we are staying at home to watching some video into the youtube channel to see news. At 11:15 am it happen to alert of earthquake effect to feels with me now. Now I would be share into my Facebook page and my story to share a mention time alert of the earthquake have in Pokhara. Sometime its effect will become there is harm effect with people report of like dead.

Just a second it will become and leave it. I will be target a mention area which earthquake alert has to to do this. Every people were shouted as a loud voice we have feels an earthquake right now. Have you feel it between a two-person conversation between them. Some of Facebook page friends they have to make share it that post to information to all Friends

Actually, I don’t how many Magnitude will be effect coming in earthquake alert for today case. But I will feel the earthquake today. Still, I have enjoyed with video with the family to shit own room. It will be an automatic post official website from Pokhara valley. This is only for Pokhara valley or what lets people will be able to comment it below.

If this time it will come again and again you must go outside with plan ground to shit there. If the earthquake will be repeated again back case only. I was also shocked at what was done on the roof above. Outside, the crowd was crowded in the big hall. But being small is not that big. It also comes in the middle of the bell, but it does not have lightness. You have to go out if the big one comes out. But this is also the case during Lockdown. Now the day of Baisakh is coming on the 12th. I think that’s just the point.

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