My Saturday blog Story Part 11

My Saturday blog Story Part 11

My Saturday blog Story Part 11 which I wake up early at 7 am at a moring time which from the bedroom from my room. Then I go towards own room to wash a face over there. After a few minutes I take hot water for a drink and a few minutes I take a cup of tea over it there. Then I go downward my mother was working to prepare food over in firewood. I shit over there with mother cook them. Some of few minutes she also is left on that place to move forward up the flow of the kitchen room.

After preparate a cook at a moring time. She is worrier for going outside from home. And then when we did that, we went to our room and I too had a light flower. And you have to do it in the morning. And Bodie is expected to be a madman. And you might as well do it at home in your home in Achilles. At that point, we also have to stay home. And you probably did. And I had dinner and after a while, we went to our room.

And Just was sitting there watching the Coronavirus alone. And nowhere else on the channel. And about the day when you get bored and stay at home, you probably have a bore. I need a boring lacquer too. And in the daytime, when it comes to the Internet, it’s fine and easy. They are the only ones given to thieves. We thought to ourselves about barley and how we might have spent those two weeks there. And the only thing I have to do during the day is to eat.

It has been extremely hot for Lockdown to everyone. And you might want to get out too. But the polythene is only of the heart. And don’t let us out. Some urgent tasks are only given by the police so we can stay at home.

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