Black Day of 2020 Year

Black Day of the 2020 Year

Black Day of the 2020 Year

Black Day of the 2020 Year which happen to face worldwide see the problem to face it. This is one of the black days of the year which coming from to enter the world. People will also be remembered at a moment which 2020 year will start from January month which coronavirus will start from china country to enter as spread virus whole over the world. I never forgot into this life which whole people have faced it out. I’m really sad those people who are dead in the world.

There is a powerful country in the world but they have made medicine to treatment over it there. But slow slow start from china then it refreshes from one country to another country to transfer one person to another increase as several people at first in china then I will grow will increase. China doctor will find it effective and cause under this virus which people will know it.

Then china government make to discuss to lockdown into their country to checking this disease on it. They are were working under to find a medicine to make solution under it. Then I transmitted to the country to country wise. As china government already allotted to that country the distant wouldn’t care under it. They didn’t care under this issue. I ever this virus will affect mention whole world to much longer time spread those people.

All country should be lockdown then they have to check it out a report of COVID-19 result as he/she got this virus. Still develop were shocked it even china have mentioned us about this case. But they didn’t care about it. Still, our country also is lockdown since 15 days already passed it out. But we have unable going outside to make refresh it. This one the message is my black day of the year goes to the 2020 year which welcomes virus affect the whole world as well it.

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