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Have you test your internet speed on Lockdown

Have you test your internet speed on Lockdown

Have you test your internet speed on Lockdown into your home which you stay at home for this time. Have you test your internet speed into your mobile device which speed did you paid for internet company service to connected into your home. Since Nepal has been lockdown for one week ago still they have made it lockdown up to April 7. Even I raise a question to a ticket from the apps store of the company through share a problem there.

The agent was unable to go to pole to check it out fiber maintenance to checking for the internet to replace it. The low-speed test has been seen I have to check it out there. But the company was already close up. World wide people having using internet from sim and wife into your home might feel as slow for working on your internet there.

You may have left the internet at home. You may have checked the speed test for Wifi. But I think the speed test is good in a bell at any time. Why not check the agent to get their work done. And the servers may also have been slow. People who work are not office.

It may be difficult to have an Internet slow at home, too When you open Youtube you may say why this is slow internet. If you have a slow, then maybe the guys are dark. It may be that people in the world are also slow to the server on the Internet. Such a company must be given separate work Otherwise, the internet is good for everyone. They are also taxing and why is it not for me?

Lets people comment to share your post into your comment box. Let me know it what happens into your home wifi internet speed there.  I hope you will make sure to share it with us here on it.

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