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Stand with daily wage Earners

Stand with daily wage Earners

Stand with daily wage Earners which related to humanity’s daily earner’s money to donate it. As Indian people, those who have daily earns to run his family we all the people have to donate them. As minimum 1000INR will be donated for each and every person to will do it. Due to coronavirus, all shop was close it out and also lockdown for 21days notice to them. As you donate it then I will help from them.

An initiative of the art of living and the Indian film and television industry. We need to leave this earth to protect your daily life to spends with work with family. There is an organization of companies they are trying to make to donated to suppliers’ food to them initial time to provide it. As I saw this postal out those celebrities person to happy to share with us. As I’m not from India side if I got to donated with I will try to share to donated with them there.

One by one people you can keep a hashtag with #iStandWithHumanity while you donated them. I will try to share a link of donating which people are doing on it. We need safe and several food to poor families to supply to them. As the government hasn’t look it out. As daily earners, it’s very much difficult to collect money to save it. Due to the high amount of people will lives.

Blow this link you go there. Find yourself to donate your money with them. If you donate it you need to mention a hashtag which I give them. If you do it that then another person will be doing on it. If you save one person you will try to save the whole nation also too. By the help of donation them. You should be sharing a post into your website to information with him/her to check it.

Special India cases have increased day by day of coronavirus effect happen to see it. If they have control to safe from own home to stay there. It will be fight against diseases themselves. You should be pervent to save your life. If you go outside it will be a danger for yours. Keep the support and keep donate to supplier food items with low humanity people in India. Let’s start to begin on it.

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