Visiting in Kalikathan place of Lekhnath

Visiting in Kalikathan place of Lekhnath

Visiting in Kalikathan place of Lekhnath was gone this morning on the scooter in the place and had gone well in the morning had been carrying the same. Me and Father I went along. And I also did light work with Dad at that place and you also have Rice Mill in there. The road to The is believed to be a little better and now it will be just like the Soon Bazaar. And I like that place.

There was a small problem in the Rice Mill. Yeah, the money is on the way overseas. And the woman has a trick. And Rice did it himself at the mill. And while doing so, you have a lot to wear. And we went on scooters in the morning which was easier. And I did help.

I was near the airport when I went to that place. And I also wanted to take a photo, but Dad was not able to do it. I also took photos of that place. And for that, I say sorry to everyone. And when I there, the photo was taken. That’s the vacant mill in the house I saw in my hand.

If you know the empty mill, the woman will do the trick and the empty mill is fine. And when he reached the top of the place, he found the Rice mill. Rice Mill that happens in the place I had gone to bed very much at the place where Aly selfied her photo so everyone was level.

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