Khaka Village of FadiKhola Syangja

Khaka Village of FadiKhola Syangja

Khaka Village of FadiKhola Syangja which I travel today at the afternoon time ride starts from Pokhara to syangja place to go it there.  There is a minimum of 1hour to received that scooter ride with myself on it. There is a small village I have seen while going to that place to move on there. Due to some village like to see a peaceful environment for going to relaxing it.

Such type of place I want to travel there. Finding a new source of income people were doing it there. It also made me feel good when I arrived. And I also said that I do a little blog about the place, and believe that you will be level if I upload my selfie photo. And I also did rayon’s blog on my blog. And the weavers are level as to why they have been there for what reason.

The small machineries have been in the works. Teh Machinari is the new fit. And because of that, it took a lot of time. And we were all working together. Boine was also served tea from time to time. We also ate tea. And that is what happens in the village. Everything happens slowly to that level of thought. And there is no fold.

He is believed to have been saying that he was Fadikhola at first. There is known by another name, the party is known as Khaka Village. They were way too oops. Scooter mage people in that place But I didn’t have the video available. Just the same I just posted on my blog post.

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