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Three WhatsApp Controversies

Three WhatsApp Controversies

Three WhatsApp Controversies the most used messaging app in the world. The Facebook-owned app has a user base of over 2 billion. WhatsApp is loved by people of all age groups. The advent of WhatsApp has added challenges to the future of other messaging apps

For these apps, a lot of people have complained about it. But people have used this message for only while create to talk to all people in the world wide also too. Some of the people have a challenge with other apps to know it well for it. Over billions of people were using this app into own mobile.

One is the controversies is the just leave a message with friends. Another is the make a group chat with all friends. Again another one is the call voice call, video and audio call to sent on message also to. There is a lot of features happen to use this app into your device on it.

However, for some years, WhatsApp has been in contention over and over again. Here are just three of the incidents that brought WhatsApp into dispute. Why the people have compared with other apps to discuss it. Whatsapp has its own way to use it. This is international people can use it.

For more details link to see more updates under this Nepali view point to see it. I will share a link for you here. Which I know it well to discuss under this case on it. They have own way to conserve to do.

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