Bringing students from China

Bringing students from China Health workers and pilots traveling to China to take Nepali residents to their villages have protested by the residents of Changunarayan Municipality of Lakatol in Bhaktapur. Nepal’s government will be a help to them to checkup those people who got a virus.

This virus is not ripe by people. People are still researching that. This is happening to a lot of people. People from abroad are also attracted to these people. It was brought to Nepal from Kathmandu. And that alone has been put in place by the government and the people have been stopped by the SEC.

The Government of Nepal has to solve the checks for S and for that. And the government has never said anything about it. Why think so much about this? And that’s about it. There has been noise all over the country since the virus. Many people are at risk. It is also planted in nearby countries.

I had also talked about this. earlier in this virus. Too many people have become dark. Because people have been banned from doing so in a bid to overwhelm other countries as well. And the Chinese government has been working on this separately. However, there is no level of inhibition.

The doctor will be re-searched finding this slove to move on it. Even spread to share the whole world wide to happen on it. Even American people will help me to find this virus to slove it. Most of the students of Nepali will another room to stage on it.

Nepal will be careful to while to seen to find it out on it. Even the people will be staying one home to check up from our doctor to see them. Even people will be raising a voice to them.


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