Beautiful place of landscape in Nepal
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Beautiful place of landscape in Nepal

Beautiful place of landscape in Nepal which a near place of bhalam, Kaski. There is wonderful to looks to landscape with surrounded by hills and forest over to into a hills area. There is a different place to see in Nepal. Yesterday i went to travel under that location for some work place to see this.

Over of landscape i see a beautiful small village seen over there. There is not cutivated land for doing agriculture. We cannot image into our eyes to see this place on it. While i taken a photo with the place really awesome and amazing to perfect as a photographer.

When we goes some place you should he take a photo over it there. At afternoon time we have going that place for work place. While i see around that place to looks like a peaceful and good environment to see it. I like this landscape to visit it. The road were off over to going that place to. Nearesr place of bhalam, kaski for going that place.

I see only few house around to looks to cutivated land for used as a personal. Why the people haven’t cutivated land in there. Because there is more service facilities from city. Even the vehicle will come into own home to such a product to bring it. That why people of Nepali were left to cutivated land on there.

Even i request those people who want to visit this place you are truely welcome our Nepal to visit it. This a place of beauty of Nepal. We have to conserve and perserve to protect it. We can see step by step of land with flowing to looks.

Once you can feels a place and image a things related to writing a article under this place. You haven’t a place to see you are unable to make to article to write it. Hope you will like this landscape to finding in Nepal.

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