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Dishhome says ISP's license will now expand

Dishhome says ISP’s license will now expand

Dishhome says ISP’s license will now expand to Internet service across the country. Dish home, a company that has made digital television accessible across the country through satellite technology, is also offering Internet service. For that, Dishhome has obtained an Internet Service Provider’s License.

It will be launched within two to three weeks from now. Now the Internet has come to the people in Direk Homme, and people are sitting at home and using the Internet. I was talking about this earlier in an old blog post too. It may be coming to Chitti now. People arriving from home to home in the village are fine when using the Internet.

People have access to the Internet. Many people in the village are screaming. People who go to the village are also relieved to receive mobile donor packs. Now, depending on how mature the company is, how fast it is to offer your own services.

First, this company may do its own servicing. And maybe everywhere from Server to SK. First, she has to do that. If there is no problem on the internet then it is easier to get wind and water when the internet should run. And then I have internet service.

Now, there have been reports that companies have called for Fiber. The company has taken over License. In this direction, like Homme, India, and There also have internet. But to get similar ones one has to go with India. Anything has to be healed. This is the job of the company.


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  1. Hi Laxman,
    Yet another informative post from you. The question is if Dish Home’s internet service will be able to catch up with the speed of some of the leading ISPs in Nepal. Well, we can only hope for the best. Anyways, as far as payment is concerned, I always go with Khalti’s Dish Home Recharge Service cause it’s super fast and hassle-free, and offers get 2% cash back on each payment.
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