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Nepal lost again to Oman on Cricket Match

Nepal lost again to Oman on Cricket Match

Nepal lost again to Oman on Cricket Match Nepal and has lost to Oman on the domestic ground for the second time in the ICC Cricket World Cup League 2. In the first innings, however, Nepal was defeated for 249 runs but failed to bowl well.

Earlier, vice-captain Gyanendra Malla’s half-century inspired Nepal to score 50 runs in 8 overs. Vice-captain Akib Ilyas and skipper Jisan Maqsood shared an excellent batting century for Oman, 83-2, at 18.5.

If you were to do this, Nepal would have been defeated with the Oman country in the Cricket Match. That link is all over the Nepalese language. You can understand.

If I owe it one by one, it is likely to be too long. But also the Thames of Oman looks great to me. Winning with Nepal in a cricket match. It’s been a while on television on The Mach Lives Shows.

But it also hurts his country. But our Nepal has done well. But it also hurts. But Nepal should win with Oman. Good to play cricket in Nepal. But losing is another thing, friends. I also think it was News Read. I hope you visiting into below post to know more info on it. If I will share it here details there over and wickets to update on here.

They will check it outscore and over under mention link URL to share it here. You maybe look into there. It was very much sad to see this news Nepal lost this game chance on it. Little score I have a share under this post to read it out. Teams try to make target it.

Read it out This Link:

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