Have you Visit ABC Camp in Nepal

Have you Visit ABC Camp in Nepal

Have you Visit ABC Camp in Nepal which is located as Gandaki Zone of our country. Its a boarder of Manang and  mustang as well on it.During  a January month there is an snowfall around over into a Annapurna Himalaya area. Most of people were visit this place for every year which needs Nepali guide were available to go there.

First week of January and Febuary month its heavy snowfall happen to see it. This year a lot of snow fall into different place of Nepal. Even i listen on News also into website to update it there. People have seen a Himalaya and camp with friends to spend time over into their own holiday book to go for trekking.

This camp has been around for a long time, but this month has been a hotbed. People dream about their whole life. Going to that place, I also think of  Dream of the Himalayas. Going on trekking is also a very fun memory.

There are people who carry their mobiles and cameras and have written beautiful stories about them, losing their handsome.. People have been thinking. You do not have to wonder where it should go from when. Nowadays you can search everything from your Internet.

People from all over the country talk about it, because people also like to watch it. With Snowfall, I enjoy my life. I have also been asked to go to this camp with my friend. I think I should go. Now you probably don’t have to tell everyone about it..

We have to go to this camp once and you can write about it and anything else. I also write about it in my mind. I’ll go to Future too. If you go I will make photos available. It is a wonderful place to be.

You have probably never seen such a thing. You may not even notice when you are trapped. It can be high on trekking. All happens in a group, making it easy to navigate as well. One week if you go by trekking way. And if you have to go by helicopter, one day it is.

These are the things you intend to overcome. If you forget about Nepal, your articles will be good. The more urban you are, the more barber you are.




Myagde Khola Bridge Tanahu

Myagde Khola Bridge Tanahu

Myagde Khola Bridge Tanahu which i travel to bhimad place to go there. Its length is 74.15 meter long under this bridge. Since few year ago it haven’t a bridge to pass to another location to move on it. Since Moring time i went to going that place to cross this bridge going some where else.

It is also very fast to go towards the Highway. From above is our Gandaki river. This can be seen from the pool. It has become a two-tier river. In the morning I had my own mobile phone chatter. It may cost a lot to pool. The people of There. It is funded by the Government of Nepal to pool.

This pool I had seen many years. But first, it was very difficult for people to move to another place. If there was a pool, people would think that everything would have been born. You can see how long it is. There are pools of desks in the country.

It may take many years to call it a pool, but the pool is the same for many years, because people have to move everywhere. That’s because of the pool. Such pools are also made in many places. This is the bridge of Tanahu’s place.


Durba Rice Mill

Durba Rice Mill

Durba Rice Mill is located at Pokhara Lakeside which i long year it were establish it there. The  people lakeside were going that rice mill for buy some service from there. This is old rice mill will you can finding it . The Durga Subedi is the manager of that rice to success to run this business to provided to the customer.

Benefit of Durga Rice Mill

  1. It will be open from 8am to 5pm.
  2. It will very cheap price to while you bring rice product make good.
  3. It very helpful fast and good in a correct time.
  4. It  make it successful to run your business
  5. You can make it proper customer immediately to do it.
  6. Any case it will be notify all old customer those who goes there.
  7. Any product of item will be cut through machinery.

There is a lot of talk in Machinery’s. You do the cutting and grinding and drinking the spices and rice. People have gone there with money to beat. If the money in your house is in the house then Ricky goes to the mill and gets beaten.

You are served at the poor vacancy mill. If there is still a chomp, feel free to comment below. You may be level with my comments. Today he has been to the mill for many days. That was the problem of small machinery’s in the mill.

The only small post I posted about that mill is just that. Take a look at the photos given on the phone. You might be calling. The phone is easy to share elastic with. Old people have gone to the mill.

Deoria Mahotsav 2020

Deoria Mahotsav 2020

Deoria Mahotsav 2020 is one of fair of run it out on that place where people can be seen a celebrities over on mahotsav on it. Deoria is place of India which people every city they have also run it out this fair. Deoria is located as Uttar pradesh of India.

It will be near from gorakhpur place to visit it their. On mahotsave is there is a lot of material which you can see to buy any product with a cheap price on it. Even there is different place were will be seen over that place.

This deoria place that is the first time to run this fair. People have make it vlog with youtuber which i seen near place of people will make it full details what happen to see it there. They have also to promoted place of mahotsav to visit it once.

I haven’t seen a how many days it will be run it there. I think it might be run upto 2 week. Big suprise to with amazing things you can enjoy it. Even alot of celebrities were come on join it there.

This mahotsave owner have alot of money to used to fill to come people of Indian were they can also visit it. Once the people will be know alot of different place were also be visit it their.

On mahotsav we needs to careful on it. Even you can also be loss your from pocket which theif have take it. Even gold will also be lost it. But police also security to prevent to noise to theif it.

You can goto your friends and family toe enjoy the mahotsav on deoria place. Night time there is live show begin to full Entertainment to see in real face on it. Famous artist will come to join it there.

Hope this year make it more and more see happen on it. Even people were compare with upcoming day of mahotsav pervious and this year. Which one is best ever were look more excited and interest held in a year.

Travel on Scotor with Product to Takre

Travel on Scotor with Product to Takre

Travel on Scotor with Product to Takre place of nearest from dulegauda place of Tanahu. Travel from Home to that place to go with my scotor with shelf ride on it. Since a Morinng its effect with cold weather happen to see it there.

Morning cold air was gone in that place and that’s what I did today. In which case you have to go to yourself. In the morning I was singing and playing my own score. And I was consumed by the wind. I had flattened this photo on the middle road.

I snap this photo by placing it on the edge of the pool. You may have folded. It was very cold when I reached There because the cold air of The river is gone. What fails you when it comes to winter. I have gone to my realm here. I’ve tried it myself.

In today’s blog I have tried. Today, I have also used you to be such a hot lady. I also had a great time using the scooter the way the market was like. Most of the cars were not gone in the morning. They are the only vehicles on the freeway. You have to think carefully when going into the sand.

Because you’re afraid of being overwhelmed. Accident should be avoided. I went at speed but was in my hands. It was me who was singing this song. How fun it will be to sing songs in the winter to level you up.

My travels today have been in that place. You may have folded about this blog. I didn’t miss this moment life even today. This is the envelope of my Life that you have taken with respect. Hope memory make it long life journey to see it.

Beautiful place of Tanahu place

Beautiful place of Tanahu place

Beautiful place of Tanahu place which  such of place to visit over that place to go. Even the since moring today i seen a village house over while i take  a tea in hotel over it.

A great place to stay in the morning is the opinion of Tanahu. I ate tea and it was lovely to see Tessa on the green tea house from the inside. Why didn’t people go there? The Tourists should go to such a place.

Tourist is the perfect place to visit. So that’s pretty good of a way. In the morning the cold air is gone. It is sunshine. The house was beautiful when it was beautiful. The village house is quite nice. I love the village places too.

If the path is good, then people will find their blog posts all about This place. The people of There are also good. For you, people talk about themselves. I would love to go to one of S’s place and enjoy the place.

You also get your own blogs and blogs about them. You get to know about it when you go somewhere. This is also the blog post I posted this morning.

Happy saraswati puja to all

Happy saraswati puja to all

Happy saraswati puja to all friends and family. Every year january 29 month its happen to celebrate a puja on this times. Alot of people were also celebrate on it. Saraswati is the name of god who give as bless to all people.

This is a festival that marks the preparation for the arrival of spring. The festival is celebrated by people in various ways depending upon the region in the live in the Indian and Nepali subcontinent. They have start t celebrated on it.

We have some take tika to put inside a book also to workship on it. Today is the day which holiday of nearest school and collage also too. Even they have also invitied a those student to workshop with god of saraswati infornt all.

Even i remember at school time which all principal were start doing this puja. While we workship before a puja we have a take pray for the god of them. After finesh one by one take a flower to put into their on it.

I will be share to upload on next post which i see on travel over to find a school side to capture also too. Hope all people will be celebrate it well for it. I miss a school life time which i miss all friends as well also too.

If the prosival i will share to upload photo into here. Hope you can share to your friends also too. I hope never forgetten it.

What your plan on February Month

What your plan on February Month

What your plan on February Month Upcoming 2days left to goes to welcome a February month which spread of love of valentine day. People will be celebrate it every year. There is a lot of offer and contest will be run with different company to win a cash price and many more product to see it.

Now, in the coming days, who do you think you will be to the Louvre? This month is the low season of East Loewe. It came from the European Country.

All of us Nepalese have done their own thing. I have no plans. You have plans for your lover. Give a good day is a day. This month is usually about twelve days when you talk about what happens.

I do not lose my lovers. I don’t have a plan anywhere. You will be celebrating this month with your lover and wife. You also share your social media. This is not the trend of the hash tag on social media.

Nepalese are the only ones who have done their best. This is done by the English Tourists. It’s like this month. It may be that you are traveling with your lovers this month. Somewhere in the world it is organized.

I do not have a plan, I would like to share my friends with friends. If you comment, I might as well be level.

Now Esewa is also on Money Transfer

Now Esewa is also on Money Transfer

Now Esewa is also on Money Transfer Online payment services provider eSewa has also joined the remittance sector. The company has expanded its business into a new area as a eSewa Money Transfer.

The company plans to change the traditional remittance system as whole digital market to make online payment system through money transfer to other people also too.

People have taken a lot of service from Esau’s service, making it easier for people to do this internally. I was happy to hear that but Digital has also gone to the system. But there is still a lot of trouble in Nepal.

Now, even with the transfer of  Money, the company has launched it. You are also easier if money is transferred from overseas to Money.

This Service also sounds good to me, but now I have to do it internally. The Government of Nepal should address this issue. It is not easy for people to overhaul everything from online. This is news of happiness to all Nepalese.

People will be seen this news for shared to us. Nepal Government will be make as international payment system through own normal bank account to follow a rule and regulation under to do it. Now money transfer will be better and fast service to received a money on it.

If teams make it more and more service to Nepali user will better good for used on it. There is illegal way to used on it. It will make it international also too. Happy to seen a Money transfer while read out this Article on it.

Read it out This Article : https://techpana.com/2020/14773/

Today Traveling to Bhimad Place of Tanahu

Today Traveling to Bhimad Place of Tanahu

Today Traveling to Bhimad Place of Tanahu which is the small city of tanahu district of Nepal. From my scotor ride to that place within 1hour 16Minutes to reach that location to reach that place go there which shows on Maps. Even i try to that place on google search engine on it.

As a search from Maps from pokhara to that place we can goto main highway of prithvi highway going it. After going that highwat just turn to right to goes that place on it. I make sure i will be fine to see it that location correct Maps shows on it.

Finally i got that place name over on it. Now i feels excited to see a place name over to going today travel vlogs to share to you. After i reach that place to see over on it. Bhimad as city name which different place name over to listen it there.

There is some work happen goes to set a new rice mill to run business to the people give service which people needs to service on it that location on it. Now at 5 am on Nepali time i wake up from bed room which travel to start from 6am from pokhara.

I thinks my travel vlog will be nice and great to excited to see over that place. Hope i’m wait for hour to reach that place over on it. On travel time me and my father were going same scotor with some part of material of machinery to put it their.

Suggestion me those people what a place people will be visit it there. Lets a people comment and wait for see that location to search on it. I will try to upload photo and post to update to you here.

Here i just mention to you just i goto travel today from pokhara to that place to go. I will try to share more insert into the post to update that place name also will share it.