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Happy saraswati puja to all

Happy saraswati puja to all

Happy saraswati puja to all friends and family. Every year january 29 month its happen to celebrate a puja on this times. Alot of people were also celebrate on it. Saraswati is the name of god who give as bless to all people.

This is a festival that marks the preparation for the arrival of spring. The festival is celebrated by people in various ways depending upon the region in the live in the Indian and Nepali subcontinent. They have start t celebrated on it.

We have some take tika to put inside a book also to workship on it. Today is the day which holiday of nearest school and collage also too. Even they have also invitied a those student to workshop with god of saraswati infornt all.

Even i remember at school time which all principal were start doing this puja. While we workship before a puja we have a take pray for the god of them. After finesh one by one take a flower to put into their on it.

I will be share to upload on next post which i see on travel over to find a school side to capture also too. Hope all people will be celebrate it well for it. I miss a school life time which i miss all friends as well also too.

If the prosival i will share to upload photo into here. Hope you can share to your friends also too. I hope never forgetten it.

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