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Now Esewa is also on Money Transfer

Now Esewa is also on Money Transfer

Now Esewa is also on Money Transfer Online payment services provider eSewa has also joined the remittance sector. The company has expanded its business into a new area as a eSewa Money Transfer.

The company plans to change the traditional remittance system as whole digital market to make online payment system through money transfer to other people also too.

People have taken a lot of service from Esau’s service, making it easier for people to do this internally. I was happy to hear that but Digital has also gone to the system. But there is still a lot of trouble in Nepal.

Now, even with the transfer of  Money, the company has launched it. You are also easier if money is transferred from overseas to Money.

This Service also sounds good to me, but now I have to do it internally. The Government of Nepal should address this issue. It is not easy for people to overhaul everything from online. This is news of happiness to all Nepalese.

People will be seen this news for shared to us. Nepal Government will be make as international payment system through own normal bank account to follow a rule and regulation under to do it. Now money transfer will be better and fast service to received a money on it.

If teams make it more and more service to Nepali user will better good for used on it. There is illegal way to used on it. It will make it international also too. Happy to seen a Money transfer while read out this Article on it.

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  1. Never heard of Esewa before. Ive been using transferwise instead. Compared to paypal. It has cheaper charges and fees. it is really convenient. It only takes 10 minutes for the money to arrive.

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