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Myagde Khola Bridge Tanahu

Myagde Khola Bridge Tanahu

Myagde Khola Bridge Tanahu which i travel to bhimad place to go there. Its length is 74.15 meter long under this bridge. Since few year ago it haven’t a bridge to pass to another location to move on it. Since Moring time i went to going that place to cross this bridge going some where else.

It is also very fast to go towards the Highway. From above is our Gandaki river. This can be seen from the pool. It has become a two-tier river. In the morning I had my own mobile phone chatter. It may cost a lot to pool. The people of There. It is funded by the Government of Nepal to pool.

This pool I had seen many years. But first, it was very difficult for people to move to another place. If there was a pool, people would think that everything would have been born. You can see how long it is. There are pools of desks in the country.

It may take many years to call it a pool, but the pool is the same for many years, because people have to move everywhere. That’s because of the pool. Such pools are also made in many places. This is the bridge of Tanahu’s place.


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