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Sunday Blogging of My Life Story

Today i wake up early at moring time at 6:30a.m nepali time. After wake up i go for kitchen room to wash my face over it there.Sunday Blogging of My Life Story is best of my blog story. Then i take a some water for drink with hot water to put cold water also too. Then i take a cup of tea while take a tea i also take dryrice to eat with tea. After a few hours i went outside from own house to refresh it there. Our nearest side of home were river flow there i were go there to refresh for a few minutes spends it there. After i come back to own home to going outside to go lekhnath place to work place of father. While going on that place of lekhnath its very much cold for ride on scotor on it. After we reach that place. 

We are working that place of machine of new which connected it on disk mill with my father were working on it there. Firstly we do pullie to set on motor then we have a lunch time to eat food on it there. After finesh it that launch then go back own work it there. We finesh that work on within 2hours then we go back towards the pokhara place to meet another place to buy some matrials needs to him there. We meet on gautam eletrinic market to call him on chiplaydunga, pokhara. After a few minutes we were come it there. After collected some eletronic part then i sit it there a few minutes on it. My father and that person were going another market to buy some product of machine to bring it there. Finally they come on it there. We are going that place of harichowk on 3pm at nepali time. Again we back on buspark on buy a product of machinery tools on it there. My father call to whose person who want to make it machinery part to bring to make them it service on it. One new person were talk with my father about farniture machinery ask to my father. My father replied those answer that place on that place which we can buy a product to purchase machinery tools on it. 

After finesh to paid money and package at machinery tools we went to back own home to recieved it there. That my day of sunday blogging of my life story will ended it here. Hope upcoming next day i will share to you guys. Be stay tune a many more blogging story of my life to update it.  

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