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ChatGPT's 'Voice Assistant' Feature Down Due to OpenAI's New Model ChatGPT's 'Voice Assistant' Feature Down Due to OpenAI's New Model 

ChatGPT’s ‘Voice Assistant’ Feature Down Due to OpenAI’s New Model Due to the new model released by OpenAI, the ‘Voice Assistant’ feature is down. The company announced a new model named GPT-4o at an event on Monday.

The company says that the model has been made available to all users immediately after its release. However, now the normal ‘Voice Assistant’ feature is also down. The voice assistant is currently not working in GPT-3.5, which is available for free. Although the company claims that the new feature released on Monday has been made available, the old feature in the app is down.

Some users on social media X have claimed that there is also a problem logging into ChatGPT.

What is in the GPT-4o (GPT-4o) model released on Monday?

The way ChatGPT used to interact with users earlier has been modified in the new model. In the previous model, even though ChatGPT talked in the style of a person, it was not possible to know what kind of emotion they were talking about. That is, the style of talking was the same. Now, the company claims that ChatGPT can talk with the same emotions as the user (laughter, sadness, happiness, and love).

At the moment, a demo video released by OpenAI on X has received more attention on social media. The video shows how ChatGPT translates languages in real-time.

In the demo released by OpenAI, the user’s response is that the translation is done by a real person. According to Sam Altman, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of OpenAI, this feature will be available to all ChatGPT Plus users starting next week.

Likewise, ‘Vision Capabilities’ has also been added to the new model of ChatGPT. This is a feature in which the camera opens. And you can interact with ChatGPT on video. 

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