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Govt Paves Way For Elon Musk's Starlink Internet in NepalGovt Paves Way For Elon Musk's Starlink Internet in Nepal

Govt Paves Way For Elon Musk’s Starlink Internet in Nepal The government has given a signal to pave the way for Starlink Internet in Nepal. This has been speculated on Tuesday with the public government’s policy and program for the next financial year announcing that satellite-based internet services will be launched.

Satellite-based Internet service will be started in remote and remote areas,” said President Ramchandra Paudel while presenting the government’s policies and programs. Similarly, the issue of advancing the work of establishing Nepal’s own satellite has also been repeated in the policy and program.

President Paudel also announced that construction and operation standards of data centers will be prepared and the work of establishing an information technology national knowledge park will be advanced. “The standard of information technology system used by public bodies will be created and made safe and reliable.

The information technology system, including the cyber security of the hardware, software, and network being used in the public bodies, will be tested technically,” said the policy and program.

It is mentioned that service delivery will be made effective by re-structuring of information technology-related agencies and business continuity projects of sensitive infrastructure related to communication and information technology will be implemented for uninterrupted operation of public services.

The government has also announced that the public services provided by various agencies will be put into operation in cooperation with the local level to provide public services from one place. Similarly, the old announcement of expanding broadband internet to make it quality, accessible, and secure has also been repeated in the government’s policies and programs. It is said that high-capacity optical fiber expansion will be accelerated to provide high-speed internet service to all local level centers and ward centers.

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