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Bijog is a Nepali app that imitates Tik TokBijog is a Nepali app that imitates Tik Tok

Bijog is a Nepali app that imitates Tik Tok After the ban on the short video-sharing platform Tiktok in Nepal, apps with features similar to TikTok came into the limelight. However, when other apps were not effective on the scale of Tiktok, users started looking for a way to use Tiktok. Thus, some users are using Like and some are active on Bigo Live. However, the audience flows.

After knowing that you can use Tiktok by changing VPN or DNS on your phone or device, users started using Tiktok. Although the government has announced to stop free VPN, the use of such apps has increased. Currently, if you look at the Play Store chart, it seems that 22 of the top 50 apps are related to VPN and proxy.

Keeping this opportunity in mind, some apps emerged in Nepal. However, the condition of this app is bad. In some, the user interface of the platform is not fast, and in some, the user has not been able to create an account.

After the TikTok ban, a company called Idea Jar launched a ‘fun app’. As an alternative to TikTok, Ramai, which was discussed as an app made by Nepali, was removed from the Play Store because it violated the policy of Google Play within a few days of its release. When the app, which was only available on the Play Store, was removed from the platform in a hurry, the app was heavily criticized on social media.

While scrolling those videos, the app lags. Similarly, a separate section of the app’s explainer hashtag has been made, where a page has been made showing how many videos are in each hashtag. You can see how many videos have been posted on which hashtag on that page. However, the videos in that section also load very slowly.

Speaking on this matter, Smart Gough Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Ramesh Shahi told Tekapana, “We had purchased OTP from Nepal Telecom. This is due to their problem. They gave it to Akash SMS (SMS Service Provider). This is causing the slowness. Now our provider or hub is only NTC. OTP code is late due to a problem with their hub.”

During our testing, we found that the app automatically closed while uploading a video. The video is also not as smooth as in other apps. It doesn’t have the problem of repeating the same video like a fun app. However, the interface of the platform has not been able to engage users for a long time.

This app makes you feel like you are using TikTok with ease. You can do it as per above. This is a new app for Nepali. According to this, everyone should understand. Now Nepali can do it in apps and new earning platforms can do it by themselves.

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