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Can Ban TikTok be back in NepalCan Ban TikTok be back in Nepal

Can Ban TikTok be back in Nepal no if they will be noticed after they are back on TikTok most of the users will be voice of negative messages and will be sharing their own TikTok? If the government bans Tiktok permanently in Nepal users cannot recover their Tiktok account if they get back on Tiktok.

I think it’s the end of the TikTok ban in Nepal forever. If the government will be given a chance with the user back in Tiktok in Nepal. I think TikTok isn’t getting back in Nepal. Some of the users will fall on the TikTok side if they aren’t working in their own homes. Even if the wife isn’t working nicely at home the husband will come back home after work out.

If the government will be doing this TikTok ban in Nepal. Rest of the social media platforms you need to check out the policy and follow to notice the owner teams to control yourself after the user reacts the policy violence happens on the id or account side.

The Government of Nepal will know the issue and take action immediately to follow the case to investigate them then you should take action with them but not ban TikTok all users in Nepal.

If the government controls all things that happen with person-to-person action then it will be better to use them. If the person makes a mistake then he/she cannot repeat it further next time.

I hope the government cannot back the ban on TikTok in Nepal. I think the government will make alerts of what happens under social media and they can follow the teams group to mention to clear it there. The Government of Nepal will be checking out the issue details and finding the action person who will be doing nonsense messages and will share that person needs to take action with them.

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