The Greater Nepal Poster in Maldhunga Parbat - laxman baral blog

The Greater Nepal Poster in Maldhunga Parbat really shows that Nepal will be making people want to go back to Greater Nepal. I feel a little happy while looking over this poster area under Maldhunga Place, between Baglung and Beni Highway Road over there. Some people will notice the Greater Nepal poster over there.

Some people will make posters and upload them anywhere in Nepal where the Indian people will be visiting. Even the government of India will look into different places in Nepal, like the Greater Nepal Poster.

Under the poster, we had seen overall the place of Parbat Side, which you can move on there. I think you can see a lot of images were found over there. I hope you will make many more posters that will be shared in different places in Nepal that people target to visit.

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