Raveena Tandon Special in India Best Dancer 3 Dance reality shows hold a special place in the hearts of millions in the realm of Indian television. Amidst a plethora of dance competitions that grace our screens, “India’s Best Dancer” has consistently stood out for its exceptional talent and remarkable judges. The third season of this beloved show introduced an exciting addition to the judging panel: the ever-charming and talented Raveena Tandon.

As she will be making judges with her own self and dancers, those who will be held into this season 3 of India’s best dancer show there. Today, September 9, 2023, she will be coming to join, and she will be accepted to an invitation from India’s best dancer shows to get to enjoy and have fun with dancers who will be doing their best performance in front of her with their eyes side by side.

Raveena Tandon: A Bollywood Icon

Before we delve into her role on “India’s Best Dancer Season 3,” it’s important to acknowledge Raveena Tandon’s illustrious career. From iconic films like “Mohra” and “Andaz Apna Apna” to critically acclaimed performances in movies like “Daman” and “Maatr,” Raveena’s versatility is her defining trait. She will be truly awesome and have a great dance style during her time in the film industry there.

Raveena as a Dance Reality Show Judge

While we’ve witnessed Raveena’s mesmerizing performances on the silver screen, her role as a judge on “India’s Best Dancer Season 3″ has allowed fans to see her passion for dance and her talent for mentoring budding performers. As a judge, she brings a unique blend of grace and enthusiasm, endearing her to contestants and viewers alike.

1. Encouraging Young Talent:

Raveena Tandon’s infectious positivity and encouragement have left an indelible mark on the contestants. Her ability to uplift and motivate dancers from diverse backgrounds has been inspiring. Whether it’s classical, contemporary, or hip-hop, Raveena’s appreciation for various dance forms is evident in her judging style.

2. Constructive Critique:

A great judge doesn’t just offer praise but also provides constructive criticism. Raveena has mastered the art of offering insightful feedback that aids contestants in their growth. Her years of experience in the entertainment industry shine through when she points out nuances that can elevate a performance.

3. Connecting with Contestants:

What sets Raveena apart is her ability to connect with contestants on a personal level. Her warmth and approachability make contestants feel at ease, which is vital for their confidence and growth.

4. Showcasing Her Dancing Skills:

Raveena’s occasional dance performances on the show have been nothing short of mesmerizing. It’s a treat for fans to watch her groove to the beats and showcase her exceptional dancing skills. Her performances add an extra layer of entertainment to the show.


In “India’s Best Dancer Season 3,” Raveena Tandon has demonstrated that she is not just a Bollywood icon but also a remarkable judge deeply passionate about nurturing young talent. Her journey on the show has been a delight for fans, and her positive influence on contestants is undeniable.

I hope she will learn and experience a lot of things that will happen on the dancer side to get there. She will make a lot of people forget her life to get rich under this platform. I hope all of the people will be waiting for the moment shows will be realized under their television shows there.

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