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Is Spodenet Iegal in NepalIs Spodenet Iegal in Nepal

Is Spodenet Iegal in Nepal an online platform where you learn the most demanded skillful courses and earn by working as a Digital/Affiliate Marketer?  This platform is not even verified by the government of Nepal. But people have joined this platform. I’m not trying to be good or bad in this case. There are people from Nepal who are earning from this platform. It is good to bring this platform to the international market, but as it is an Indian company’s platform, the office in Nepal should be not verified.

When I understand people, I feel like it is illegal. But I have developed it on the website on Spodnet and we have to install it. We cannot work without an investment case. Still, Nepali people, this is how we have earned money. And the screenshot images of the Nepalese who have received money in this way have also been shared on TikTok.

If our government is good on this platform, the government should give information to the people of this company. If this platform is opened in our country, you will have to verify it and pay taxes to the government.

I said in the previous post that it is real or fake. My opinion is just what Share did in the previous post. In this post, I have stated in my blog post whether it is illegal in Nepal or not. It will be good for us sir, you should think about it yourself and join. I have also done research on this matter and it seems that it is not a safe platform for us.

He has also joined people on Spodnet, trained people on Spodenet, and has also done work to earn money. I posted on the website. It has also kept the price of the package. However, if this transfer is done through his bank account, the government has registered it in an illegal company.

You should buy only after hearing good things about Spodenet. If you are not able to do this, then it will not be of any use to you. However, it has served to earn money by opening an office for many people.

If you want to do it, you should understand about Spodenet. Many people have bought it. They have promoted it on their platform by uploading their promo video. Sir, please do not do this without information. If you want to do it, please do it for the company’s safety.

Spodenet Nepal is illegal in Nepal. But the people of this company will also benefit from the licensee. If you check the people of this company and open this office, our Nepali people will open the office and take the license of the office and run it, it would be fine in my opinion. 

If you want to join this, then you should join, but later on, how did the Nepal government raise this topic and invest you in it? You should only think about it. Please email the person from that company. Please check on any social media platform.

But this spodenet is not good for our country Nepal in my opinion. No matter how many videos you post on Spodnet, you should think for yourself about how it happened to you. Can you will trust this company to use them. If you trust this is a real one let me leave your comment below. 

I was checking into all those points about this Spodenet earning platform to make money from there. Before joining this platform you need make think much more times.  First, you need to make the search for different platform sources to understand shall it is safe or not.  

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