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How To Buy FIFA World Cup Package in NepalHow To Buy FIFA World Cup Package in Nepal

How To Buy FIFA World Cup Package in Nepal in Qatar is just a day away. Since Media Hub got exclusive broadcasting rights to the matches from Viacom 18, Nepali people can watch the live stream on their TV. To watch FIFA this time, we have to compulsorily pay NRs. 565 with taxes.

Regarding the fees, there was a legal dispute between consumer rights activists and the broadcasting company due to which the Supreme court issued an interim order asking Media Hub not to charge the audiences. We had a little sign of hope that we may not need to pay anything but unfortunately, the Supreme Court scrapped its order and this made it compulsory for the audiences to pay. 

Step by Step in eSewa Apps

  • Goto eSewa Apps
  • Goto FIFA World Cup 
  • Choose your Tv Platfrom 
  • Select your username and follow
  • All details will be showing and click on Confirm button
  • After then click on Submit button.

Step by Step in Khalti Apps

  • Goto Khalti Apps
  • Goto World Cup Package
  • Choose your Tv Connect STD Device
  • Type your username
  • After selecting two buttons and clicking on submit to pay
  • Then you will click on the Pay button.

From these two apps, we can pay for your FIFA World Cup Package were buy it from Nepal. If we’re confused about this package let me know comment below now there. All VAT will be included after buying the FIFA World Cup Package from your device ISP side. 

After your purchase of the Himalaya Premium HD Package, you will be able to see the Live Match from Set-Up Box only were seen only. Within 28 days you will be able to watch the match from your Set-up Box in your home. From home, you will be watching their match from there. 

Rest of the Tv devices you will be following up on steps that I already explained it verify over there. I  think you will know about the step to follow up there. Hope all rest of the people will already buy this package from Nepal. Even the Nepali people will be able to buy the Himalaya Premium HD package into your tv plan over there. 

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