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I don't know what is my life

I don’t know what is my life it is the way in which life will be born into the one time which the people will get to learn from their own life. Life is a way of God-gifted born into this earth. Life is a certain time period which we cannot know how much life is on this earth. Life is also a different part of the way people live on this earth.

What is My Life?
My life is a very much longer story that will begin here. Because I have been a lot of things I will be doing to think into my mind but the father will always make me tension because he will be talking about the non-sense words make speak talk them from his mouth. Even the father didn’t realize the way of the son’s mind. Even though I was born into the Hindu caste but everything was difficult to live in and make a peaceful in-home.

Even he was a little bit a selfie way which he was doing works nicely there. Then he will be happy with money. Even he didn’t love his own family as well it. When I was in a small children period I don’t know how much I will make own future create in life. Even though I passed out the +2 college then my mind didn’t work handle nicely because of father always make fights with his mouth daily in the mornings time even normal people will listen to such kind words remember to think there.

Even I haven’t gotten any interesting own father as well till now. After a leave college, I was interested in online earning there. Even I have to make a channel and website to create there. Even I have been unknown what it will be like to happen there. Still, the father will be talking unwanted words daily in the morning then I feel a really sad moment myself over there.

Why I am failing in Life success?
Because there are a lot of problems I was created to find out there. Even each and every part father didn’t support us. Even he will be doing anyway selfie was will be created there. When I do sometimes learn some clips on the social media site but I will be making failer will create there. My mind goes in another way of direction.

My mind needed to cool down and maintenance about the life freedom way to live on there. But my life isn’t like freedom way because it like a jail will happen to create there. But when I was working on some article post on the website at night time sometimes I might not sleep well for there. Even the mind will be set on a creative way to do it there.

Even sometimes I thought too much time while how life will be facing out into my life there. Some words I were creating over to share into my website blog which the people will be reading out there. But they didn’t know how life will be faced me there.

My life problem with father
Because each and every part didn’t apologize to me. Even I will be doing like things happen in video and blogging on the website. But he didn’t care about me or what I will be doing there. Even if he will be said to you will be get married it will be solved anytime there.
So that is why I don’t know how people will be made to run their life. Even the people didn’t know to think about their own life to spreading over there. Even I will be thought too much time while making life thinking in future. 

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