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I feels My Life What is itI feels My Life What is it

I feels My Life What is it even if I have been found a lot of fine happen to the family member while I will make sure that how the parent will be born I will do that. Since my parent always makes me touch when they welcome the morning time always make my bad day feels to know well there. But I cannot make happy bring into my life will get this one.

Every day I will be got torcher with my father who speaks nonsense words related to the Nepali languages but you cannot be understood well for us. Some Nepali audiences will know the Nepali languages. After I pass the +2 pass then I will be joined in BBS class I got fail in the final exam then I will be got a tension happen to see faced it out.

Even mother and father always fight with the money count while he brings money from the outside from home which I will be faced out there. Even when I will be like some clothes in father don’t say to me I will bring next day.

But the father will be made hamper with the brain always but I cannot control the think happen from my mouth get back to reply there. But sometimes my brain will be made hang which cannot work nicely over there. But I always think about how I was born into this family member. Why is the father will lying always day by day to talk like this?

But I have been passed the plus two but I have got an education person but I am getting unable to touch to reach with them. Since today morning my father was Lound shouted voice with raise to wake up to me but what works happen to do. But he always getting Lound to speak with me. But I never forget these memories of things that happen in my life. But I never face reaching born into the next generation. Under this generation, I was born into this family.

When the person will be drinking alcohol gives a loud voice I cannot do anything to do. My brain stopped working on it. But when I got a cool mind I will make think a lot of memories will come into my mind to set this one there.

But I cannot happy anyways while coming father in the home. I feel bad luck will be created happen to see there. But he cannot feels his own son’s problems which he got a problem faced in life. But he didn’t realize the family problem as well as me also too. When he doing his own work I never do any interesting for works with them.

Life will become teach a lot of things we have been faced from our own family members to do. But father was bad luck will be created to take into there. I always recommend thinking with a positive mindset while facing in own life. Since I were cannot forget that moment when happening father and own big son fought mouth to mouth while the case eating food case.

I will also make realize those face the life where we can do it. Since today morning I will be making trying to set sometimes new to create a new phase in life is make cool. One mind I will do negative way and other one mind I cannot such type of thing to do.

While I faced out the food case yesterday I will be eating that food. While he had been finest a food I cannot control vomit. Nearly coming into my mouth to get vomiting I was controlling it myself there.

Some people cannot write this type of content where they can mention it on their own blog to mention there. But I wrote this thing to share my own blog to do. Hope you will likely this blog to mention out there. Keep sharing this article with your family and friends also too. I will continue the next post keep stay turned into here.


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