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Happy Birthday Laxman BaralHappy Birthday Laxman Baral

Happy Birthday Laxman Baral he was born in 1995, on June 19. He was born in Pokhara, Nepal. He is a real blogger and youtube from Nepal. He was already past his +2 in 2071 B.S. from Pokhara Higher Secondary School. He has been Pass the SLC in 20628 B.S. from Spiral Galaxy Academy. His career were starting with Blogging and  Youtube 4 years ago. He will be job were working in Website blogging as well as youtube. 

Today his birthday month runs into the Nepali calendar as Asar’s 5th Day his were born on this day. His mother’s name is Laxmi Baral and his Father’s name is Krishna Baral. During the monsoon time, I was born on this earth. I will be much happier while born to my own mother today. 

Lifestyle and Hobbies 

My lifestyle was simple and was think not much popular in my life. My hobbies to make much more earn money from blogging websites and youtube. My hobbies were going to travel to interesting places and finding out about their people’s lifestyles and the features they can live to run their family. I like a new place of travel time while move under that place was interesting feels to make happy. 

Works in Blogging Website and Youtube

I have my own official website name is Laxman Baral Blog everything I were included in my blog to mention to give their best to all people. Simple I were working both platforms as of job and part-time or my interesting part to works to mention to give update there. After leaving a college life then I will do work on this platfrom was a lot of things knowledge I will be mention under this. From I will be regular update last year from Youtube which all people will know but my channel was smaller but I will give trying my best level to give mention it out there. Most of the videos were a little bit of mixed content I will be sharing there. 

About Laxman Baral Family

In my family, there is 5 member in my house. But one of my sisters was already getting married. Right we have a family with only 5 members in the home. My mother worked as a housewife only. My father was doing work with Rice Mill like a Mistire in Nepali Languages. Our family was a simple and easy way to live to make happy with each other. 

The above is about me. I have mentioned my point for this day. I work on a blogging website. I used to go to work with my father but my YouTube and Web site are very fortunate to work. I am very good at this. I have been abused by others in this matter but I do not tolerate these things.

Today is my happy birthday. You don’t have to be angry that you never got the day of my birth. My sister also has an opera on the day of my birth. There is also a sister’s opera in the coming days. I wish my sister well. I woke up this morning and didn’t take a bath. And also worshiped. I did it to complete what I was wearing.

Other days are also coming. I hope that in the coming days I will celebrate with my family. You can also do special things for me. I am with you. Your support is the only thing that matters to me. Today should be a happy day even in itself.

I wish myself all the best for the day to come. It has been many years since I started doing that. Due to many years, I have told you that I will do a good job by myself now. From today, my happy days are coming.

Hope you will keep reading out this blog. Hope you will be replied a lot of comments below by wishing a message there. Hope I will make myself strong and bring a lot happy will be doing the upcoming future to take into there. 

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