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Nayapool Birtethati View of Morning in NepalNayapool Birtethati View of Morning in Nepal

Nayapool Birtethati View of Morning in Nepal I went to this place in the morning. I have also been to this place. The weather in this place was very nice. In the morning we also went on our scooter and in the cold air of the morning. It was also very cold in the cold air. And there was a great event for me. I was hit in the buttocks while I was driving down. I didn’t even look down at the time of this fall. And now the light was better for me.

We also did the work of wiring 3 phases in that place. And we had done that. It took me a while to get the car done. And I was overwhelmed. That man was also very straightforward. We would talk about what we said. That person has also gone abroad. No work was completed. That work has begun. Everything is done in this mill. In the coming days, we will go to that place. And I will do all the work in the mill.

It didn’t take long for us to recover. And we went to that place to do all the work. We didn’t even go to that place according to our plan. We went to that place without that plan. The morning weather was great for watching videos. Because of the proximity of that village, we went to that place. We also went to that place. The people of that place have been forced to do this because of the problem.

This is a video I’ve posted on my channel. It just so happened that I was overwhelmed. But because of that time, I was overwhelmed. But I didn’t think it would work. But what to do? I have been cursed since morning and for that reason, it seemed like it happened to me when I was talking about my mind.

It happens to everyone in time. That’s what happens. Because of that, I still get it. But it is a little less than yesterday. Due to a little less, the interest has not increased. I was shocked by this incident. At the time of departure, light rain was like a torrential downpour. When it rained we had a heavy downpour in the area which caused us to feel a little cold on the way home.

It was fun to visit. There were very few people in that place. There were also a few lighthouses in that place. There were not many houses but there were people living in the house. That person has a very simple opinion. Sojo people, we have to do things easily. We have already said that. That is what we all teach. Why is it that we call that person on the road for the next day that we have good people’s opinion?

Nayapool Birtethati View of Morning in Nepal There is also fun in that place. The people of that village have an opinion to do their work. And that person also has the opinion to do social work for the village. That work is also very good work. It’s okay to do a good job in the place itself. Please go to that place once. And I have to do nasal chores. Everyone has to look at that place. The people of that place are very nice too. Those people have done their job.

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