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Nayapool Bazar of Kaski

Nayapool Bazar of Kaski

Nayapool Bazar of Kaski is located near the place of Lumle which the highway place of Pokhara-Baglung highway. Under this highway, we have listened to hearing this name as Nayapool. Nayapool is the cover by the hills and heavy rocking stone will happen to see this place. There is a peaceful environment that will happen to see this place. There is a different type of people were live on this. We have some workings happen to see this place to move on there. Since the people will be lives under this place. There is a Jackson of the tourist area in which the people will be going there to meet with hills of mountains.

We have visited the Bazar of Nayapool area which the different happen to see over this pandemic period. There is not sale were to check into this place. Still, the people cannot wear a mask into this place. I just like to know the Bazar how the big will be larger day by day over there. Still, the people will be sold to open the market to shows the different logo and image infornt the roadside which material will available or not.  

It also gets cold in the place. It is very cold in the summer season. But even when it is sunny, it seems to be very cold. It is also hot during the day when the sun shines. Because of the heat, the three of us may not be able to cook. This place is also very famous in this district of Gandaki. People here are very different, like over. I have also done a small video in the city. You can also see what the market of this place is like. The people here are talking about getting their own market.


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