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Band Champion Nepal Part-1Band Champion Nepal Part-1

Band Champion Nepal Part-1 is the reality show of Nepal whichever first they have been made as a group member of the band which the audience will do their band with same way style of songs will be doing there. This video we’re Uploading into the YouTube Channel is named ” Mt. Everest Digital”. Every Friday and Saturday at 8pm at Nepali Time these shows will be uploaded to watch shows there.

There are three Judges who were under this show. The judges’ names are Dev Rana, Jyoti Ghimire, and  Robin Tamang. The show is hosted by Megha Shrestha which she will be asked the contestants why they come under this show. Even they are doing a digital audition round from their side to do Now they are doing auditions into the shows into there.


Even there are different things that happen we had been found under this shows. Even the rocker and pop songs or modern songs they can perform as band way to the singing style they have been choosing their talent from this shows. Mostly there are two episodes we’re running out into the YouTube Channel. When I look forward to watching this video then that is also shown must be supported and keep love under this shows from Nepal.

As a singer who wants to make to be famous who they are and whom did you come under this shows. Why you can come under this what kind of reason to come under this etc this thing we had been asking that person formal way after they will do their best performance into the stage side there. Even one or three-member also be made as band members to hit their popularity in the Nepal side.

Mostly the band member will be feel expire their tells story with their hard work under their brand. Still, they are doing their best performance into their side to reach the public side in a different place. Even the people will make irritating from their parents. I am really happy to watch those shows that must be supported and most make much reality bring in Nepal.

Band Champion Nepal Part-1 is already mentioned on the YouTube Channel there. These shows must be made popular in the upcoming days. We need to be proud to make shows those who are made as a band they still working hard to reach to come into the shows. Some of few new generations people will make learn from this shows. They will be learning from another person what kind of material will need there.



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