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Tonight Grand Finale of India's Best Dance Season 2

Tonight Grand Finale of India’s Best Dance Season 2 of January 9, 2022, the final round will be going into the shows there. India Best Dancer will be given their vote count will be ended at January 7 which the people can choose their talent of under the season 2. Even the India Best Dancer will be chosen them give them reality shows will be going on. Even the five contestants will be doing the one more last into the stage side there. They will be made well prepared about their showing their talent over last time into this stage.

Dance reality shows India’s Best Dancer 2 are all set to air their finale this weekend. The team has been shooting the grand finale through the week. As they geared up to shoot the last segment on Friday, Malaika Arora had to excuse herself from shooting due to ill-health. However, sources close to the show share that it’s not Covid-19.

India Best Dancer producer Ranjeet Thakur also took to Instagram to express how he is having mixed feelings as the show is set to wrap up. In a long note, he wrote, “Today is a day of mixed emotions, our show IBD is celebrating the best dance finale, it’s curtain down for season 2, all through the 13-week journey it’s been no. 1 show.

India’s Best Dancer 2 launched in October. The finalists of the show are Gourav Sarwan, Saumya Kamble, Zamroodh, Roza Rana, and Raktim Thakuria. They will be competing for the trophy along with their mentors Rupesh, Vartika, Sonali, Sanam, and Aryan.

India’s Best Dancer 2 finale will air on Sony TV on January 9 from 8 pm onwards. Keep waiting for the moment of an hour this final round show will be live over there. Even the people will be made worrier getting their talent winner into this show there.

Tonight Grand Finale of India’s Best Dance Season 2 we are really excited wist for the moment into the finale round who will be getting a title-winner under this season 2. Even we are aware to wait to watch these shows over into the TV shows there.

Keep waiting for a moment after what will be happening in the shows lets me share more and more details give your update under the blog side to give stay with us there. Hope the people will be waiting until the end of this shows there.

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