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Poush month is cold in Pokhara 2078

Poush month is cold in Pokhara 2078 It has started this morning. I haven’t told you since morning that I’m going to deal with this. Today is a very cold day. People are also involved in many things. Today was a rainy day. The sun was shining during the day but it was not shining well due to the cold. This is what happens in the month of sunshine. You have to think about what will happen in the coming days. There is such a day in the month of Poush that you may not even think about it.

This has happened even in this day and age. Cold air is also used during the day. It was very cold during the day and nobody cared. We were also very cold. How bad it was to hit in the cold. When we are cold, we have to go only by thinking and by ourselves. Because of the cold, we don’t get much benefit. People don’t like it when it’s cold. Today it was raining in Pokhara but it has not rained yet.

Many people are hoping that it will rain tomorrow. Forbidden tomorrow. I don’t feel like doing anything because of the cold. We also get cold because of cold. Most people stay indoors during cold weather. There is no one like us in the cold. Many people get sick from the cold. This is how I went to Pokhara today.

I will tell you what will happen in the future, I will tell you tomorrow in the future, but tomorrow all the people did not want to do it because of that. I wanted to stay at home. I also wanted to do my homework. There is a lot to do at home. It doesn’t even feel like someone else’s house in the cold. If it is very cold, you have to go by yourself. I didn’t see many people hitting during the cold days. There were also a lot of people around Main Chowk.

It was as if I had started this month. People also wore warm clothes during this month. People in many places have to be beaten in the heat. It is necessary to keep it warm as it gets cold in the cold. Due to the cold, this is how we went today. The cold also made me bored during the day.

Poush month is cold in Pokhara 2078 This month it also happened in a place near the market. It will rain in Pokhara but it will not rain much if it rains. There is less chance of rain in Pokhara at this time. At this time people are drinking water. 

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