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Lazy Staff of Tvs Batas Showroom in Pokhara

Lazy Staff of Tvs Batas Showroom in Pokhara while I have been the case under the Bill’s Book of Scooter which since two months ago I have been exchanging the scooter and bring out a new one to take scooter from this Showroom. But the teams will be said, “Are you pay for Financial or Cash Payment“. These words were repeated two times while phone calling with me. Even I will tell to team’s staff to give me my Bill Books I want to take this bill books. 

Yesterday went to this place to get the bill book. And there was another one on the staff to take. This is Bill Room’s room. All the donors are lost on my computer, but I was not bothered while working on this stuff. But I was talking to myself angrily about why it took so long for the bill book to arrive. I was also angry when I talked to the staff. It is not the job of the staff to talk angrily with the Customer. This is not a good hobby of Customer but I don’t know the name of this stuff.

If I had known the name of this staff, I would have done something outside, but the idea is to work in Office. It’s just why I do this, but I haven’t done a single thing well. What happened to me was that I sold my old scooter in the decade. However, the bill has to be paid on time by the showroom but since it did not work, these staffs do not have their own work. I have done everything. Even in traffic. But the work of the transport people was also very bad.

How can this be? However, this showroom also makes a lot of mistakes in its work. This mistake never happens. If talking to this staff is like talking to you in the air. This is not true of the staff. Because of this stuff, we also get difficult. There is only one thing this staff has done. I have also created a spectacle and put it on hold. This is also done by the staff of the company. I have given my number but I have an opinion that I have given my number. He also gets angry with me.

The people in this showroom don’t work. The job of this person is to send people saying that you have not paid the money and your bill book has not arrived yet. The bill book is sent abusively to the Customer. I’ve been up to this point. I have said very quickly that it was born in my eyes and not in anything else.

People are still slowing down their bill books. Even after paying all the money, people get angry when they do such things. The job of a showroom is just to make money and nothing else. The staff of this showroom comes to pass you by and speaks angrily to Customer. I also get angry with the photo I saw.

Lazy Staff of Tvs Batas Showroom in Pokhara they are being worked make lazy while feels bored while working under the case of Bill book of the vehicle of Scooter and Bike. The rest of person have been faced out this. Even the staff will angry that person who is loud to speak with them they cannot speak nicely while the facing out the problem of customer raise the question with him/her person individual. 

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