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Today I Visit Baglung BazarToday I Visit Baglung Bazar

Today I Visit Baglung Bazar which some of the workers happen to meet with the Baburam Poticail party to join out there. Since there are a lot of people will be a move to meet with him. Even I was also bored to feel to stay over to live at home. Since the days will be passed out there. Since the days will be mommies will be given this time to go there. Since 11am we have been moving from home place to move on Baglung place there.

After 2 or 3 hours we have been arrived at this place to meet with a new place to feel with new place analysis to feels out. Even I have been meeting those people who will happen to go there. Since I have been found the cover of the phone set but I am also unable to get this phone to receive on this one.

Even me and my friends visited some of the places of Baglung which I ever meet this time go there. Since the Gore Mama will be requested to go there and let’s see to move over to feels out there. Since the days will be passed out there. Even I have to go inside the hall of which I meet the Baburam place area to their new party to enter to see there.

There is a lot of change that will happen to see. Even I haven’t found the previous place over happen under that place to see. Even one of the new bridges will see there. There is the highest pool will happen to see there. Even the move here and their sire while under this tools establish there. I have seen a road will be made larger to see there.

While Saturday will be close some of market place area to see there. Some of the people will be running their small business to run out there. Some of places were will be make destroyed their landslides will be seen there. Even the house will be no gap to see over the Bazar area there.

Today I Visit Baglung Bazar even the December 11 I ever going under the Saturday time to meet to go there. Even I will be travel with the bus with many people will be made gather to move on there. Hope all people will be happy to see you there. Some of the places will make confuse while which way of line road I forgot that place to go there.

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