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Disk Mill Problem in Gagangauda in TodayDisk Mill Problem in Gagangauda in Today

Disk Mill Problem in Gagangauda in Today And we have eaten. This is the place to always go. This guy calls a lot of times and this guy looks like a really bad guy. This is what people sometimes shout. This person has called many times. Today, anger has also been done. It seems like a lot of people are going to the mill too. This is the work of the disc mill in the mill. We have not taken much time to do this work.

We also went to this mill. People also came to this mill and we also have the opinion that those people came. But people don’t shout at us for coming. We come with our work, not with the taxes of others. We have to do our own thing, we have to come slowly.

It was very cold in the morning and it was very hot after the mill was completed. And out of the heat, I opened the jacket. The jacket is also opened. And it was very cold to ride a scooter when I came to Pokhara from that place. And even though it was cold, we went to our slums.

It was a small job at the mill and it didn’t take long for us to open it. Other things we have done. If you don’t go to this mill, people will come later. The same thing happens at the mill, always at this place. Wherever you go, it happens a lot. I have seen and heard in the mills.

Disk Mill Problem in Gagangauda in Today That mill is run by a girl, that boy is going to work. He is also involved in politics. This person is also very bad-looking. And when we have finished work, we are forced to give money. You have to be happy while working. People who come to work have to live well and happily. This is my opinion. 

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