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Working fields in Naudanda Kaski in Rice MillWorking fields in Naudanda Kaski in Rice Mill

Working fields in Naudanda Kaski in Rice Mill This morning’s work was at this place and we did our job. There are also people sitting in this mill. I have been to this mall before but there was another problem in the mill that is why the people here are talking about this work again. It is also called by people to do the work. The people here have already had a problem with their mill, but we have left it as it is. And while we were doing this, I had to go to Pokhara again for our equipment.

I have brought the same things again. Pokhara was the same in my house and I have come to my house to take the same things and I have gone to that place again with the same things. The mill was small and the house was small. Because we are small, we also have a lot of work to do. There is a lot of work time, but it is better not to work because you have work time after coming to work.

I also walked after I got home. After I walked, he brought the same to me. I stayed in my house for a while and then went to that place again. Today has been a frustrating day for me. Due to the cold weather, I was too tired to drive because of the cold wind. It is very cold now. Because at this time people are working in their fields but there is a lot of water in the fields because of water.

My brother-in-law also did his job. And I went to get the same at my house. He did his work first and then he worked together. It also takes a lot of time to work. We have only taken money by completing that work. People also like to be called into trouble.

It was also a pulisar’s mill problem. And the policeman’s bayonet has also returned. In order to change that, we have to open everything. It also takes a long time to open. Don’t rush into doing this. You have to work slowly. While working, we have forgotten many things. Working fields in Naudanda Kaski in Rice Mill It has been completed at the mill. Today we have worked in this place. Today has been a frustrating day for me. The mill is also checked and many people come to this mill. Many people come to the mill. There is only one mill in this area and that is the reason why people also come to the mill.

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