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My Saturday blog Story Part 55My Saturday blog Story Part 55

My Saturday blog Story Part 55 I wake in the morning time at 6 am. Then I wash my face over into the outside there. Then I take a toilet break for long there. Then I take hot water over into the kitchen room there. Then I take to wash my face over there. Then we were planning under Naudanda place further working under over there. Since we have been moving under this place working fields there. 35 minutes we have been arriving under this place there. 

Then we have been open the pulisar mill to main part then I will be made open there. Some for part miss we will be going to move forward under own home to bring that part form home. Again I was spending over 30 minutes reaching this place to move on there. Then I will be taking a phone call with him there. Then he said that part you will be brought out there. 

Then we have been working over there fixed that part to repair over an hour to spending over there. Then we have taken a launched break into that part to home which he will be said there already. We have moved under that house to take this. I have been captured some of the videos that were taken to share into my channel to taken there. 

After finishing the work then we have made a slow drive under that scooter moves under our own home. Then we have been taking rest more an hour to stay over there. Then we have seen outside rainfall will happen to react over there. Then we have moved under that ward office to bring some part from there. Then it will continue the rainfall will be slow fall into the ground side there. Then My Saturday blog Story Part 55 will be ended it here to know a clear way to understand it well for you here. 

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