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Pokhara to Naudanda with New Scooter Tvs Ntorq

Pokhara to Naudanda with New Scooter Tvs Ntorq ride during this morning time after a long time we have arrived under this place to move on there. Since the people will be doing moring time to see this place to move on there. We had been working time with the problem happen under the Dashain time. It is urgent and an emergency will happen to eat food into the audience.

The ride experience will be awesome and good to ride with this new scooter will be finding out there. We had been doing this time. Even I have been upload under my channel to grow this one. This place where the people will be celebrating the Dashain will be running out there. I want to make some vlogs under this place with highway road with Pokhara-Baglung highway we have been visiting this place there.

Under this place were near from the Naudanda place we arrived under this place. Since nowadays it will increase the slow of closeness will be felt to do this. Unable to stay while shit under the sun rises over there. At 8 am we have arrived at this place there. Since the father will be going to that mill house I went own Grandfather’s house to meet with them there.

Even he will be happy to see you while we arrived at that home. Even he will be always in love with me and always be met with me there. Even under the grandfather’s house all of the own sons who will be visit own during the Dashain festival will be enjoy happy to come on it. Pokhara to Naudanda with New Scooter Tvs Ntorq my riders were awesome I will be made much more moto vlogging under this own channel to visit this one over there.

I will be happy to ride with the new experience of Tvs Ntroq Fi 125 cc of scooter well excited and coolest ride will be doing this one over there. We need to good riding under this scooter. This will be loving the riding experience over the Nepal side.

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