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Good Weather looks in Machhapuchhare in Pokhara

Good Weather looks in Machhapuchhare in Pokhara Nowadays, seeing this mountain makes me feel happy. Today, on my way to Naudanda, I have snapped this photo. I snapped this photo on my way home. I also like to take photos of such places. Now the weather in Pokhara is good but there is no rain. Nowadays, it has stopped raining. Even today, I have enjoyed seeing this mountain.

I also like people in such a place. I also enjoy going to the place. Today, I have done that even though I like it a little bit. Today I have seen this mountain in Pokhara. It is time to look at the mountains better during this time of winter.

You also enjoy seeing such mountains in your country. It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring. It is also laughed at with joy in the mountains. Himal laughs. You have seen it in your place. I think this mountain is very big. If I have a near and near big, it makes me want to flatten it. And I feel like stopping on the way.

After finishing his work, people are also interested in this place. It is believed that it will be winter in this place in the morning. In the morning time is also very well worn. He has acted accordingly. We have to do this to see the mountains.

It is also very well planted in the mountains. In Nepal, you can see such mountains in Pokhara and people come from far and wide to see it. People from far and wide come to our pond to see it even after spending money. After Pokhara becomes a place, people also go for it.

People also go to see it. People come to see it to talk, they go to see it in the winter. We are always lost in the winter. What is the mountain like to you even in the place of Pokhara? Good Weather looks in Machhapuchhare in Pokhara seems very nice and looks one over there. 

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