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Fulpati Dashain in Pokhara 2078

Fulpati Dashain in Pokhara 2078 is the big festival day in Nepal which our main city of people will be moving here and there moving to buy and selling their product doing this one over. Since today is the main Fulpati which the people will be visiting the Bazar area then they will be bringing clothes and food items to eat for the Dashain festival over there. 

There are a lot of people hitting the market these days. It’s easy to go to work on what happens in the market and when I go to the web site of my blogs so that my mobile doesn’t get too hot. Today is also the day of Mafulpati. This is also the day that is close to Dashain. We have been eating new clothes and new meat for decades. This decade, which comes once a year, is in our country.

That’s why we went to Chilpladonga and there are a lot of people in this place to shop for their country. It is also a great place for our pool. If you go during the day, it is very hot. The sun was shining brightly. You can’t even sit in the sun. We didn’t even want to stay in this place because it was so hot.

There were a lot of people today and we don’t even know what a corona is, but people don’t even wear masks. Most of the people in the house are not able to wear masks. Now a lot of people are hitting our house. When we went to that place, it was very crowded and there was no place to hit on the way.

Today has been a wonderful day. Most of the people in Pokhara’s Main Bazaar come from somewhere. Here, they have sold their belongings and taken their belongings with them. They have also gone to their homes to celebrate Dashain. Many people in Nepal have gone to the market. People from village to village were also flocking to the market. Fulpati Dashain in Pokhara 2078 is the most important part of my life to know this one over there. 

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