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Sakhalon Kahare DharaPani Village 

Sakhalon Kahare DharaPani Village Went to this place this morning too. We have also gone for our work. We have gone to that place to do our work. This place is also very crowded. There are not many people living in this village. We have gone to do our work. And the scooter was also crowded, one person goes. We have also moved the people of this place. In this place, people have gone to Agriculture in their life work.

We also have a lot of phone calls. It is also worn after going to that place. We even went to that place. I was shocked to see this person, but I have to do my job. And after doing your job, you have to go home. People don’t do their job in this place. He also lives in his own house. Here people also spend their days on the internet. The internet has also gone to the village house and that is also the reason why we have a house in this village.

In this village, we have never been to a place. Looking at the road, it was not good. In some places, there is a little mud. This village has fewer people. The people of the village have all gone to Pokhara. He also lives in Pokhara. We took all the equipment to the mill. I was on my way. On the way, people also went to school. Now the school is also running.

The people of this village were wearing whatever they wanted. And here, people can use the internet at home. After going to the internet at home, it has become easier for people. If all the services in the village are good then people have also gone to the village. All services are also easy. Now there are not many people living in the village.Sakhalon Kahare DharaPani Village is a very beautiful place to move on there. 

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