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Haripala Village of Syangja

Visiting Haripala Village of Syangja Today I went to that place after eating. Today we have gone to do our work. It may be easy on its own in this place. It was hot today. And there was no heat. It’s gone to work. This is where we went at this time, this is where we went on our scooter. There was no petrol in our scooter and we got on the scooter. It is easy to work with.

It was also hot during the day. And this summer time we also arrived at this place. And there were trees, and there were trees, and I didn’t even have to dig to keep them thinking. There was a little bump on the way to Haripala. I had to take a break and go to Slove accordingly. There was also a landslide and a landslide from above last month.

We also had small tasks and small tasks made it easier for us to do our own things. Baba had done all the work and it was easy for us to do that. It was also very easy for us to do our job. Today we have visited this place. It was very hot and it was raining somewhere. And somewhere the sun was shining. We were also hit.

We also go to Haripala Village for our work. The first time I went to this place, I would have thought about what I was wearing, but I also had another thought in my mind. I used to enjoy going to this place. After we went to that place, we were also made to be bored. Today’s job was the work of the boat mill. At the end of the work, I was showing my videos. The photo was taken from my mobile. The place is in the house. We have done today’s work. Visiting Haripala Village of Syangja we have been visiting this place to moving under today over there. Even that person will happen to see while working finesh over there. 

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