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Sanjay Dutt Special in Super Dancer Chapter 4

Sanjay Dutt Special in Super Dancer Chapter 4 of September 11 and 12 September Sanjay Dutt will be joining as Ganesh Chaudhuri celebrating over this shows there. Even yesterday night I was unable to share some of the clips to write a blog to update for you here. Now, this Sunday episode I was sharing this post out here. Then you will be kept under this episode of Sunday will be dong this one. 

Today we are also trying to make Top 10 contestants from 3weeks today. On this day it becomes final. Amardeep and Amit Stage are doing it together. The people here have also done their dance. The people here have always danced well. Sanjay is commenting well, he has also done well here. Anurag commented that today’s one of the best dances and Liber has also given. The Gita is said to have been well-received in today’s dance. And Shilpa has also commented well and here people have also given Liber.

Tushar and Florina are dancing together on Stage. Here the dances are always well done. Here are the dances of their truth. Everyone gave a good comment and also Liber.

Esha and the guru here have danced together, Ganesh has danced. They have also danced well here. Shilpa has made a good comment and also gave Liber. And Gita has also commented well and given Liber. Anurag also did a good job of commenting and also gave Liber.

Sanchita and Bartika are dancing together. Here they are also giving their dance. The ones here are also valued in the dance of the act. Sanjay has commented and has also paid the price and it was fun. Shilpa has done more than just say it has done well for the show. Here also gave Liber. And Anurag Lektapa has spoken and broken the glass according to the dance of the people here. Here also gave Liber. And Gita also gave a good price in dance and also liber.

Some of the users who had been sharing some clips of video-sharing under the Super  Dancer Chapter 4 will be showing their dance of Sanjay Dutt inspire working under his film past to working over. Anurag will be sharing some memory will be remembered there to showing the emotional way to share to that past time to remember to share there. 

Neeraj and Bhavan are dancing together on Stage. Sanjay has commented well and it has been good. And Liber has also given. Anurag said that Baba had never seen this dance. And Shilpa has become a good omg shocked and is good. And Gita has given a good comment.

Now they will be announcing the name of Top 10 contestants out of Top 13 contestants from there. Name of top 10 names is like this Pratiti Das, Pari Tamang, Florina Gogoi, Sanchit Channa, Neerja Tiwari, Arshiya Sharma Esha Mishra, Pruthviraj Kongari, Soumit Burman, and Anshika Rajput

The rest of the 3 contestants was out from Super Dancer Chapter 4 under this weekend’s names are Aneesh Tattikota, Sprihaa Kashyap, and Amit Kumar. Rest of contestant were voting line will be open it there. Sanjay Dutt Special in Super Dancer Chapter 4 will really enjoy this moment over to see there. He will make learn some new learning the lesson of love and support to users they will follow the Sanjay Dutt still now also too. 

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