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Mr Laxman

Mr Laxman is the name of YouTube Channel which was established on July 4, 2012. This channel was created to join in YouTube channel. Mr Laxman is from the place of Nepal were as Pokhara City. He will be sharing his own technical information on YouTube, Travel Vlogs, Moto Vlog under Kaski, Tanahu and Syangja, etc many more places of travel Vlogs we update this channel. In 2012 I was don’t know what is Youtube works and how we can make money from YouTube.

Mr Laxman was inactive after creating a channel in 2012. After 2020 he was back under the channel to grow back on active on YouTube. He will get a share of the video under his own channel regular basis. Some offers or contests with digital market prices where the people can elect to join the offer under video will be upload there. After Mr Laxman has been complete the 3k Subscriber into their channel. Even he will too much work under own channel to getting grow.

Since 2020, July 9 Mr Laxman has got monetization into their channel. After I got a monetization I didn’t upload a video regular time over there. When I was back on active to Covid-19 coming in the world then I will make try to give active on YouTube and make regular content of video were upload there. Even the people will be followed me and they will try to make getting some knowledge from my channel.

While creating a channel name is Laxman Baral then I changed the name like Mr Laxman into my Channel which everybody will be know it. As I was talking about my own language in Nepali only. But I have understood the language of Hindi but I am unable to share to talk the Hindi language under the video. We are the Nepali people we need to talk our own language to grow their channel.

Under this channel, we have got some interesting things that will happen to feels and realize their part of the different place he will be share to upload a video on YouTube. He likes much more travel Vlogs to share under the video. He was interested in travel Vlogs. Mr Laxman will be trying to face out the public review and demand to interest looks in the video. There are more than 812 videos were under this channel.

Mr Laxman is the original YouTuber from Nepal. He likes to share his own personal content were upload it to see it there. Some interesting things will be informed to them. I am trying to level base to share my own channel. I will make improve the video quality and improve in edit process to see there. This channel needs really support and help from the audience level in the world which they have followed up with me.


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