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Nowadays Natural disaster Happen in Nepal in 2078

Nowadays Natural disasters Happen in Nepal in 2078 due to heavy Rainfall we all Nepali will be make faced to save their life with the loss of the house from their land. Even three a few months ago we have been a lot of news happen to see under the Sidhupalchowk Main Bazar will be destroyed with the flood into the Bazar Area there. Likewise, we have heard to listen out the news from Butwal, Chitwan, NarayanGhat, Pokhara, and many more places that happen to face the flood with the Natural disaster in Nepal.

Even the village area people they are unable o stay own home to sleep at night time. Even the river will make increase day by day. But the rainfall isn’t stopped yet now. Since yesterday night it will make continued rainfall into our Place Pokhara. But we had to feel to listen out the news from Flood in different places in Pokhara also too. Under we have faced out this news to feels to many sad and lonely feels happen there.

We are all Nepali we need to help the natural disasters people in a different place in Nepal. As Nepal flood of water will go under the Indian country also too. Even they have been facing out this news or Flood in Nepal. A lot of plane area of land they will be entering the water into their home. Even the big build of the house also entering the water into there.

For example, ” Yesterday we moving under the Baisai village for scooter ride into working fields under this place, The road were off-road there is no more moving with bike and Scooter moving that place. Even in the Khaukhola place, the river will be stopped there water will flow under the roadside. Even the people will see the outside with the group over to see there.” There is a lot of working under the valley to moving under the roadside to move on there.

While destroying the land to move under the road we are unable to move anywhere place from that particular place there. Hope the people will be the safe and right time they will be given their news immediately to mention them. Even we all need to make them sharing this news from Nepal. We cannot believe that this rainfall will be made destroy that part which they cannot be imagined that thinking there.

Nowadays Natural disasters Happen in Nepal in 2078 they move to a safe place and we cannot listen to the news that happens the people died from a different place. But they have missed their land and house also too while flood into their area under the night time there. Hope you will do to help each other people from there. We will be looks at this place to see this one. Even the local people under the policy will be helping out the people to find out there.


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