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Old License and New Smart License in Nepal

Old License and New Smart License in Nepal were we have been finding into Nepal. When the smart license will be established to finding in Nepal. Since a few years ago back they have been announcing the digital license to all people will be updated from the License office to mention there. When I have to get this news was finding this government will be doing this one. Between this old license and the new Smart License, I will make explain mention them.  

Smart License

Smart License was the first time ever finding easily were finding with the digital way they have been seen the Finger Printed, Image and all of them. It is also easier for us to do that according to the good numbers. People who take it also get fed up with a lot of things. It also works to benefit. It takes a lot of time during the day for people to do this. We also have it in our hands for a while. It is in your hands. We also took this time in Nepal. All the people have done to take License. After a long time, people have done a lot of slapback on this smart. I have a very good idea about this feature. Everything to look at the computer.

Old License

In the past, we had to take our own photos. And we also put it in the donor. According to what has to be done here. Old License also looks very good. But not even seen in your photosystem. The insurer of your system has to do it yourself. It is also very good to see it the next day. Nowadays, you don’t even see your photo in the new time. New is also seen as good. And later, when I take it by myself, it gets a little dirty. I also get the impression that this is my photo.

There is an opinion that there is a big difference between looking at the current lichens and looking at the old ones. It is also easy for us to do it ourselves. Many people think that the old system is fine. It will take a lot of time to keep this new for a long time. It has to be kept a little better in the new. And we have to keep it for others. According to the License, we also have to do it to make driving easier. It is also good for us to see License with others.

There is a lot of differences where we have found out this way to know this one there. We have seems this compare under this license will be finding out this one. Hope all of Nepali will be doing this thing. We have been finding out this way to know. License is very much important for driving issue I have been mention only this. 

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