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Nepal Idol Season 4 Coming Soon And New Judges this Season 4

Nepal Idol Season 4 Coming Soon And New Judges this Season 4 is the first time seen this season 4 will be waiting this coming back into the city area to know them. All Nepali will be want to make their talent showing under this Season will be waiting for this one. The popular television reality shows Nepal Idol has changed the judges for its fourth season. Shambhujit Baskota, Sugam Pokharel, and Subani Moktan are the new judges for the fourth season. After being selected as the judge, senior musician and singer Shambhujit Baskota said that he hoped to come to Nepal Idol and it was fulfilled.

Mostly the people who will be waiting this moment under this season 4 will be back again. Seen the  Nepali people will be want to wait for this moment wait for this season 4. They will be trying to make the level best way to know them. Under they will be trying to make them more and more entertained will be given to people back again. The teams will be decided this further working under this Covid-19 they will be trying to make them audition round with the platform source to update them. 

Under season 4, there are three new judges who will be seen over this show. Even the host of members will make the change under this shows to see there. Nepal Idol will be trying to make an audition in a different city of Nepal. These shows will be held to running into the AP1 HD Channel to running this shows. They haven’t made the fixed date to running the audition round into the different city. They have been mention only the New judges and the New hostnames will be announced under their official page side to know. 

After a long time, this show will be back again. They have been complete Season 3 within before the Covid-19 . After entering the Covid-19 this new Season isn’t coming back into the Television to running to make them. Nepal Idol Season 4 Coming Soon And New Judges this Season 4 please wait for the patient under coming news update flash to mention them to know. 

Please pay your respects to all the people in the coming days. In the days to come, it will be better for you to visit this If you haven’t done it before, please do it again. After opening this audition for Round, you have to be yourself. All Nepalis need to know about this. We’ve got our own news for this news. You also miss this show a lot. Many Nepalis are wondering when it will come to this stage and when we will have our auditions in other markets. 


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